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United States

Republican pact: United States set an example

When, in France, some political leaders suggest that parties, which, usually, confront each other, met together to favor the emergence of solutions for the diseases the country is suffering, first of them unemployment, in Washington, Democrats and Republicans, with the support of president Obama, have just given a stunning demonstration of the merits of that approach.

American institutions are different from ours. Congress cannot be dissolved and when the current majority is from a different political side than the president, there is a “cohabitation” situation. The former, in case of disagreement can only oppose its veto and to surpass it ...

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Pfizer-Allergan : la fusion fiscale de trop ?

Les tragiques évènements intervenus à Paris durant le mois de novembre ont fait passer les questions économiques au second plan en Europe. Pourtant, pendant ce temps-là, se déroule l’une des plus importantes opérations financières de tous les temps, venant juste derrière les folies de la bulle des télécoms d’il y a quinze ans, AOL Time-Warner et Hutchison-Mannesmann entre autres. La transaction dépassera 160 milliards de dollars. Mais ce qui en fait l’originalité, c’est moins sa taille que sa motivation exclusivement fiscale. En fusionnant avec Allergan, installé en Irlande et ...

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When the FED procrastinates

Why put off something to the next day when you can do it the day after the next day, said, with humor, Mark Twain. This joke sums up perfectly the non-decision by the FED regarding interests rates in the U.S. Explanations are not convincing. China has a broad back. An interest rate increase in the U.S, regarded until the meeting as sure, would have generated a rise of the dollar, followed by the Yuan since the two currencies were linked by a fixed parity. This is why Chinese authorities, indeed at the worst time, had decided to reform ...

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