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The American economy : a mirage or a miracle ?

The American election campaign has just started with the Republican primary in the Iowa and it is sure that, along with the society challenges as immigration, the economic issues will have a central place in the debate. The Biden administration will defend its achievements when the Republicans will explain that, with them, the results would have been much better and especially that most of the recorded progresses were resulting from decisions taken under the Donald Trump mandate. The only thing which is sure, it is that the American economy during these last years has obtained clearly better performances than the ...

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Interest rates : The end of the increases

The United States, United Kingdom and eurozone central banks have announced they kept their basic rates at the current level. These decisions have been justified by the significant slowing of inflation which has been observed since the end of the Summer with in September prices increases came back year on year to 2.9% in the euro zone and to 3.7% in the U.S. The executives of these institutions have clearly specified that didn’t rule out new increases in the coming months because they considered that we were far from the objective figuring, explicitly or implicitly, in ...

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towars a crisis of the car industry in Europe

Europe is capable of the best as of the worst. Without talking about the peace which reigns for near 80 years over its people, an unprecedent fact in history, and when war is close to its doors, the creation of the euro has constituted an exceptional success. The move to the unique currency, which was posing many technical problems, was perfectly achieved. Thanks to euro the States-members of the euro zone have been able to go through many crisis occurred for twenty years. The European Central Bank has allowed to financing without difficulties the measures taken by each State to ...

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