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United States

Interest rates : The end of the increases

The United States, United Kingdom and eurozone central banks have announced they kept their basic rates at the current level. These decisions have been justified by the significant slowing of inflation which has been observed since the end of the Summer with in September prices increases came back year on year to 2.9% in the euro zone and to 3.7% in the U.S. The executives of these institutions have clearly specified that didn’t rule out new increases in the coming months because they considered that we were far from the objective figuring, explicitly or implicitly, in ...

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Supply-side policy : the true and the wrong

In France, the government in order to set out its economic policy and to praise its results bases itself on a theorical concept. It consists of making financial transfers under diverse forms in favor of enterprises in order to reestablish the main economic balances and notably to come back to full employment. They are them which must offer to the economic agents the goods and the services. Through their support, the supply-side policy allows to reaching these objectives. But to measure its effect and to assess its efficiency, it is important to place that action in comparison with the other ...

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China-United States : The necessary appeasement

Among the many tensions which are hurting the world, the evolution of the relations between China and the United States was the one which was offering both the highest economic risks and the threat of a war between two nuclear powers. The affirmation by the White House that Beijing constituted a strategic rival with an escalation of protectionist measures from the two sides and the major crisis regarding peace which could occur about the situation in Taiwan has betrayed a degradation which seemed to be irreversible of the relations between the two biggest economies in the world.

The declaration of ...

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