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2,49% : The French 10 years Bond rate

The long-term interest rates increase is going on in France. The 10 years State bond showed September 23rd a 2.49% return. The move is a general one in the Western world and it results from the adoption by the central banks of more restrictive monetary policies in order to fight against inflation. The Federal Reserve has just increased its basis rate by 0.75% for the third time to put it at 3%, which was forecast, and has announced, which was less expected, new significant increases in a near future. Inflation has reached year-on-year 8.3% in August ...

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From the crisis of the euro to the energy crisis

Just ten years ago, Mario Draghi, chairman of the European Central Bank, announcing in July 2012 that he will do all it is necessary “whatever it costs” to save the euro and putting into practice this decision, rescued the common currency. Europe was hardly emerging from the recession caused by the “sub-prime” crisis. The disclosure that Greece, with the assistance of a merchant bank, had forged its accounts in order to dissimulate the situation of its public finances, had started high tensions inside the euro zone. They were amplified by the revelation of the weakness of the Irish banks which ...

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The indisputable reforms of the European Union

The world has changed. The globalization is going through its first crisis. It took its expansion in the Nineties with the end of the Cold War and the climate of peace which resulted from it. Thanks to major innovations, people, goods and data could circulate at a low cost. Countries progressively lifted their trade barriers. Tourism known a very large development and we saw a capital flows liberalization. China, thanks to the reforms initiated in the Eighties started to make up its time with developed countries. Its adhesion to the World Trade Organization and ten years after, the launch of ...

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