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Alain Boublil Blog



The French economic mistakes

Political leaders are inside their function when they explain that the country situation is improving thanks to their action and that they take the appropriate measures in order to more progressing. Unfortunately, they don’t convince public opinion if we refer to polls and the figures do not show they are right. The State and the public organisms have never spent so much but we see a continuous degradation of the public services. For ten years, priority has been given to the recovery of the competitiveness and to the re-industrialization but the foreign trade deficit does not stop to increase ...

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The new Silk Highways

During 2013, the Chinese government launched an ambitious program of international investments and partnerships, the New Silk Roads. The historic reference was obvious. More than 1000 years ago, the Middle Empire had created inside the country the necessary transportation modes to dispatch towards Central Asia and then towards Europe the silk and the objects made with porcelain which were prized by local aristocracies. These connections were then extended through maritime links towards the Africa Eastern coasts, mainly dedicated to the raw materials trades. So were born the Silk Roads. That year, in order to well showing how the new project ...

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Power : The big challenge

If there is one point about which everybody agrees, it is that to ensure the energetic transition, the power needs will significantly increase in the coming decades. The priority given to electric vehicles, in Europe as in China, will generate a rise of the electricity consumption. It will be the same regarding heating. The restrictions imposed to reduce the number of boilers using fuel or coal will automatically provoke the transfer toward electric heating for the homes or the buildings which are not connected to natural gas networks. We could add the society digitization which is also a factor of ...

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