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The new map of the natural gas

The threats weighting on Europe supplying of natural gas, the very strong increase of the prices which are resulting from it and the risks of a breaking of the deliveries to essential industries remind us the oil crisis of the Seventies. The barrel price, in less than ten years, came from 3 to 30 dollars. The creation of the OPEC allowed to keeping that level and an embargo on deliveries to European countries was even decided. So the natural gas has become a strategic fossil energy as was oil forty years ago.

The main cause of this crisis is the ...

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Central banks : the end of the independence ?

The succession of crisis which have hurt the Western Countries for fifteen years with successively the sub-primes, the risk of explosion of the euro zone, the Covid-19 pandemic and at last the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has, each time, put the central banks at the heart of the measures devised by the governments to soften their economic consequences. Even when their status was explicitly or not guaranteeing their independence and their freedom of action and when their mandates were fixing the price stability as their main objective, their policies had to be in keeping with a context of international ...

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The new globalization

Globalization is dead. Vive la globalization ! The economic and political crisis to which the world is confronted today with the lasting consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia shows the end of the globalization as it was known during these last decades. The occurred breaks are hurting much more heavily the economic situation of the countries than these caused by the oil shocks in the Seventies, the reforms in China during the Eighties and the Soviet Union collapse at the beginning of the Nineties. Economies had progressively been able to adapt themselves to these ...

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