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2,49% : The French 10 years Bond rate

The long-term interest rates increase is going on in France. The 10 years State bond showed September 23rd a 2.49% return. The move is a general one in the Western world and it results from the adoption by the central banks of more restrictive monetary policies in order to fight against inflation. The Federal Reserve has just increased its basis rate by 0.75% for the third time to put it at 3%, which was forecast, and has announced, which was less expected, new significant increases in a near future. Inflation has reached year-on-year 8.3% in August ...

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France and the corporate culture

Many indicators recently published are reassuring. France would escape from a recession and knows a growth rate between 1 and 2%, to the difference of several economic partners as the United States and Germany. We note a significant employment improvement and if household consumption is stagnant, it is because these ones are still constituting an important precaution saving. On the other hand, the spectacular degradation of foreign trade, in a context of a stagnant household consumption, an item which frequently, and sometimes wrongly, is considered as the reason of that deficit. That must lead to a much deeper analysis on ...

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Warning lights are green...until now

The publishing of the 1st estimation of French growth during the 2nd quarter, which has been confirmed one month later, has created a nice surprise. The 0.5% GDP increase has by large overpassed the forecasts which rather saw it around 0.2%, which would have just erased the diminution observed during the first quarter. The acquired growth for 2022 is now 2.5%, which means that if the economy is stagnating during the second half of the year, it is this number which will the rate for the full year, which would put France in a good ...

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