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The French economic mistakes

Political leaders are inside their function when they explain that the country situation is improving thanks to their action and that they take the appropriate measures in order to more progressing. Unfortunately, they don’t convince public opinion if we refer to polls and the figures do not show they are right. The State and the public organisms have never spent so much but we see a continuous degradation of the public services. For ten years, priority has been given to the recovery of the competitiveness and to the re-industrialization but the foreign trade deficit does not stop to increase ...

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Supply-side policy : the true and the wrong

In France, the government in order to set out its economic policy and to praise its results bases itself on a theorical concept. It consists of making financial transfers under diverse forms in favor of enterprises in order to reestablish the main economic balances and notably to come back to full employment. They are them which must offer to the economic agents the goods and the services. Through their support, the supply-side policy allows to reaching these objectives. But to measure its effect and to assess its efficiency, it is important to place that action in comparison with the other ...

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The French bureaucratic paradox

At the time when the share of public expenditures reaches record levels and the indebtedness overpasses 110% of the GDP, critics are multiplying against the public services deterioration. Social movements started by their employees denounce the diminution of the services quality and are claiming for more resources and for an increase of their payrolls to facilitate the hiring of new agents. A large share of the population feels abandoned due to that deterioration which has caused protest waves and a strong increase of the votes in favor of extremist parties, from the left as from the right. To sum up ...

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