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United States

China-United States : The necessary appeasement

Among the many tensions which are hurting the world, the evolution of the relations between China and the United States was the one which was offering both the highest economic risks and the threat of a war between two nuclear powers. The affirmation by the White House that Beijing constituted a strategic rival with an escalation of protectionist measures from the two sides and the major crisis regarding peace which could occur about the situation in Taiwan has betrayed a degradation which seemed to be irreversible of the relations between the two biggest economies in the world.

The declaration of ...

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The United States and China:They must talk together

The Joe Biden victory has been welcomed with relief by the international community: it was the certainty of an appeasement of the geopolitical tensions with the comeback of the presence of the U.S. in the major multilateral discussions. Several signals have been very quickly sent with notably the return in the Paris Agreement related to the fight against climate warming from which Donald Trump had left its country. But the issue of the relations with China still remains sensitive. The tone has changed with the abandon of the provocations but the analysis remains the same: China is a strategic ...

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Joe Biden : a new François Mitterrand ?

The commemoration of the 40th anniversary of François Mitterrand election has given the opportunity to numerous events and broadcast documentaries reminding his action in essential areas as the European construction, freedoms, culture or economy. It is about this last issue that controversies have been the most acute with the evocation of the rebound policy launched in June 1981 which was followed by the “rigor turnaround” in March 1983. This debate is coming at the precise moment when the new president of the United States, in a radical rupture with his predecessor policy, has launched a rebound plan looking ...

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