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China is not doing so bad


The publication of the Chinese economy results during the 2023 2nd quarter has been generally received with disappointment and frequently with the evocation od the new structural weaknesses to which the country was confronted. What is really true? To appreciate growth, you may use two criteria, the comparison between two successive quarters or with the past year one. Quarter on quarter, growth has been 0.8%, with a very significant slowing from the previous period (+2.2%) which took profit from the strong rebound resulting from the end of restrictions decided to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is ...

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China-United States : The necessary appeasement

Among the many tensions which are hurting the world, the evolution of the relations between China and the United States was the one which was offering both the highest economic risks and the threat of a war between two nuclear powers. The affirmation by the White House that Beijing constituted a strategic rival with an escalation of protectionist measures from the two sides and the major crisis regarding peace which could occur about the situation in Taiwan has betrayed a degradation which seemed to be irreversible of the relations between the two biggest economies in the world.

The declaration of ...

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China has rebounded

The publication of the last purchasing managers indexes in China shows that the exit from lockdown and the end of the Lunar New Year holidays are characterized by a much stronger rebound of the Chinese economy that it was expected by the developed countries economists and as a rule by the politician world. Chinese authorities had been strongly criticized about the imposed rigor to fight against the pandemic, with notably, the lockdown and the travels ban. Industrial components supply chains had been disrupted generating scarcities and prices increases. The move without any transition from the “Zero-covid” to the normal activity ...

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