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Archives November 2023

Towards a major housing shortage

Numerous have been the comments about the Chinese real estate crisis with the near bankruptcy of two among the biggest property developers Evergrande and Country Garden, affected by a huge debt and an incapability to deliver the homes which had been bought by their clients. This situation has been considered as revealing of the current and the coming difficulties of the Chinese economy. But Beijing has just announced that measures will be taken to limit the financial consequences of that crisis which could have endangered the country banking system.

To the opposite, the spectacular fall in France of the building ...

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China : The detente and the rebound

The forum of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation  (APEC) has allowed the United States and China to publicly showing their common will to lessening the tensions which were lasting between the two countries for near two years. The summit between the presidents Biden and Xi Jinping whose four hours duration was exceptional, has offered the opportunity of a frank discussion about the issues where there was a disagreement and to mention the appropriate measures to prevent that they degenerate and to find solutions. An almost friendly personal relationship between the two men was established and both of them do all they ...

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Interest rates : The end of the increases

The United States, United Kingdom and eurozone central banks have announced they kept their basic rates at the current level. These decisions have been justified by the significant slowing of inflation which has been observed since the end of the Summer with in September prices increases came back year on year to 2.9% in the euro zone and to 3.7% in the U.S. The executives of these institutions have clearly specified that didn’t rule out new increases in the coming months because they considered that we were far from the objective figuring, explicitly or implicitly, in ...

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