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Archives Jan. 1, 2023

2024 : The year of the Dragon

The Chinese calendar, through a twelve years cycle, gives to the current year the name of an animal. 2024 so will be the year of the Dragon. In 2022, it was the Tiger. In France, this nickname had been given to a statesman, Georges Clemenceau. The year of the Tiger was definitely not the “Clemenceau year” because was attributed to his proximity with Japan the transfer to this country of the German concessions in China during the 1919 negotiations which will lead to the Versailles Treaty. That major humiliation will not be without connection with the political and social moves ...

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2024 : a bad vintage for the French economy?

The French growth last publications do not let us forecast a rebound enough for the government objectives regarding employment and the public finances recovery are met next year. During 2023 3rd quarter, INSEE has revised downward the GDP evolution to -0.1% compared to its first estimation of +0.1%. The acquired growth for 2024 would only be 0.6%. Banque de France has also revised downward its forecast for 2024 to 0.8% against 0.9% in its previous publication. This figure is very inferior to the growth rate inscribed in the Finance bill for 2024, i.e ...

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The nuclear power major comeback

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has disrupted the oil and natural gas supply in many countries and have made wake up of the necessity to grant security to the power production. The prices increases which have resulted from that have forced the States to adopt measures which were costly for their public finances to protect consumers and to permit the survival of enterprises, confronted with production and operating costs increases which they couldn’t pass on to their clients; The choice, consisting in betting on renewables to take over from fossil energies revealed itself wrong, Germany brought the proof ...

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