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Archives October 2022

The Germany weakening

In less than thirty years, once the unification of the Eastern provinces was successfully achieved, Germany has become the good if not the best pupil of the European Union. It could so set its conditions for the creation of the euro, bolstered by its foreign trade surplus, the rigorous management of its public finances and its low inflation. It revived the great principles which had made its prosperity. As far as back 1895, Paul Valery, the French essayist, had shown that it was coming from its ability “to make returning the maximum of wealth from all the places in the ...

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The dollar increase : Why and how far?

The dollar has experienced a spectacular increase these last months against all the major currencies in the world. For a year, it has appreciated itself by 15.2% against the euro and by 17.6% against the sterling, an increase which slowed these last days after the turnaround of the British government which has abandoned its general taxes cut policy after having announced it some weeks before. The fall of the yen is spectacular: -23.3% when the Chinese currency, the Yuan has better resisted; the cause of the dollar appreciation is well identified, but the spreads between currencies would ...

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The crisis of the petrol in France

As if the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the economic and financial consequences of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia were not enough, here is France confronted to a new hard time, the petrol scarcity which has provoked the closure of 30% of the filling stations. That risks to paralyze the activity and to generate a deep unsatisfaction among the population. In several regions, as in the North and in Ile-de-France, motorists in never ending queues wait in front of the last stations remained open. This situation results from several factors.

The first one is the decision of the Total ...

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