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Archives August 2022

The new map of the natural gas

The threats weighting on Europe supplying of natural gas, the very strong increase of the prices which are resulting from it and the risks of a breaking of the deliveries to essential industries remind us the oil crisis of the Seventies. The barrel price, in less than ten years, came from 3 to 30 dollars. The creation of the OPEC allowed to keeping that level and an embargo on deliveries to European countries was even decided. So the natural gas has become a strategic fossil energy as was oil forty years ago.

The main cause of this crisis is the ...

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Renewables : The great illusion

The confusion between political objectives and environmental choices can lead to create illusions and mistakes in the energy transition domain. The crisis Germany is going through today is revealing of this situation. The adopted strategy, regarding power production, , which would grow in the future with electric mobilities and the reduction of the fossil fuels utilization for domestic tasks, was based on the progressive retreat of nuclear, confirmed after the Fukushima catastrophe, and the massive development of renewables, essentially wind turbines.

Behind these decisions, apparently conform with the commitments in favor of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, was hidden, in ...

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France and the corporate culture

Many indicators recently published are reassuring. France would escape from a recession and knows a growth rate between 1 and 2%, to the difference of several economic partners as the United States and Germany. We note a significant employment improvement and if household consumption is stagnant, it is because these ones are still constituting an important precaution saving. On the other hand, the spectacular degradation of foreign trade, in a context of a stagnant household consumption, an item which frequently, and sometimes wrongly, is considered as the reason of that deficit. That must lead to a much deeper analysis on ...

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