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Archives June 2022

The public debt and the interest rates increase

It is frequently said we must not be guided by fear. But is it a good manner to govern to frighten the people of your country? In a few days, we have just had two declarations of high public officials about the dangers for the public finances the increase of interest rates and  inflation represent on the charges generated by the country indebtedness. They included catastrophic numbers without any link with reality. The non-expressed objective was, of course, to make a pressure on the opinion in order to stop to be in favor of wages and social benefits increases to ...

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The extremist political parties and the economy

The French voters, when they went to vote, have given their votes with never before observed proportions to extremist political groups. During the presidential election, the candidate of the Rassemblement National, the new name of the former Front National, was qualified for the second round in reaching the second place, just above the far-left candidate. She then got more than 40% of the votes. During the election for the National Assembly, with a very high level of abstentions, the two extremist formations, the France Unbowed with 79 elected and the Rassemblement National with 89 elected, have got a never observed ...

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The big energy challenge

No State can ignore the importance of energy in the economy good functioning as in the quality of life of its inhabitants and regarding the environment constraints; but the world today is going through a major energy crisis, without any comparison with the two oil shocks during the Seventies, when oil was the most strategic energy source. The population of the planet was twice lower and China, as India, were not yet in their development era. The creation of a cartel by the producing countries which decides to apply an embargo toward Western Countries after the Middle-East crisis and after ...

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