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Archives April 2022

China : Pessimism is back

The publication of China GDP 1st quarter figures, +4.8%, year-on-year, has been received with skepticism, when they were higher than the 4% increase, still year-on-year, on the previous quarter and even above the expectations which were based on a 4.4% growth. The war in Ukraine had just started and had not yet significantly affected the supply chains and the restart of the covid-19 pandemic was hardy beginning to produce its effects with the confinement decided in the Shenzhen area.

Enterprises investments has grown by 9.3% on annual rhythm and industry and power and heat productions increased respectively ...

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French economy : The assessment

Each presidential election offers the opportunity, for the candidates qualified for the second round, to draw up the situation of the country and to formulate proposals. When one of the candidates is the current president, the debate is first about the evaluation of his action he assumes and defend before presenting what he intends to undertake if he is reelected. His opponent has then as a priority, to the opposite, to criticize it, frequently through a caricature, and to explain how he would do better thanks to his program. It is this debate which will be at the center of ...

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The French elections and Europe

French people will elect its next President of the Republic April 10th and 24th  Only the two tops candidates after the 1st round will be present in the 2nd round. The electoral campaign occurs in an unprecedented context. The media attention is focused on the war in Ukraine. Comments regarding this election everyday are about the results of the last poll opinion and the candidates ranking, as if it was about the Tour de France, and about their personality. When they are interviewed, they are questioned first about their comments on actuality and much more rarely ...

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