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Archives February 2022

Interest rates increase : What consequences ?

The interest rate on the French State 10-years bond has reached 0.68% at the market closure last Friday. It was a light diminution compared to the previous days when it had overpassed 0.70% but a strong increase since the beginning of the year. In 2021, the 10- years rate had been all along the year near zero. The fall had started in 2019 when it had been clearly negative (-0.40% in August for instance). It stabilized in 2020 and had finished the year at -0.34%. The short term rates, them, remained under zero for three years ...

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The France foreign trade deficit and the Alstom story

At the moment when we learnt that EDF and General Electric had started discussions about the buy-out of the production and the maintenance of the turbines equipping the nuclear power plants, which had been bought to Alstom six years earlier, was announced that the France trade deficit had reached a record with 84.7 billion euro. But no connection was made between the news. Yet the connection exists and it is essential. 2021 has been affected by a strong increase of the energy bill since the second half of the year, as a consequence of the geopolitical tensions which had ...

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The central banks dilemma

Three among the most important central banks in the world have just announced the bounds inside which their actions will be inscribed in 2022. The Bank of England has informed without any ambiguity of its will to conduct a restrictive policy through increasing again its main interest rate by a quarter of a point two months after a first augmentation. The Federal Reserve in the United States appeared more moderate but is determined to act against inflation. It has confirmed the coming at an end of its economy supporting program through the acquisition of bonds on the market and has ...

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