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Archives Jan. 1, 2022

The France four major economic mistakes

Economic science is frequently based on reasonings. They could reveal themselves right and the authorities which have taken the decisions which were based on them and their populations are taking the benefits. But they can also lead to failures with heavy consequences; this is not new and this not only regards France. A century ago, Keynes, then a member of the British delegation which was negotiating what will become the Versailles Treaty resigned because he thought that the sanctions imposed to Germany were too heavy and could send the country into a crisis. We know what happened after, with the ...

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The China new challenges

The place China has taken in the world economy has become so important that its difficulties have repercussions at the planet scale. That economic success took a long time to come. The President Mao has given back to the country its unit and its sovereignty after more than a century of Western and Japanese aggressions and people will be grateful to him forever for that. But his economic results, with the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were disastrous. That did not impeach Alain Peyrefitte in 1973 in the conclusion of his book” When China wakes up” to praise ...

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Pensions and French people wealth

In a few days, the French government is going to announce the great lines of its project regarding the retirement system reform. It is a continuous point in the State concerns. Three years ago, a full reform trying to create a universal pension plan with points had been proposed and then abandoned in front of the concerned populations hostility. This reform has also as an objective to show, especially to its European partners, its willingness to control public expenditures at a time when, due to the several crisis France has known, the public deficit is very superior to the 3 ...

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