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Archives September 2015

The three headaches of the German economy

As serious the Volkswagen affair is, it must not conceal the structural weaknesses of the German economy. Through a well known writer trick, to avoid repetition, the country is systematically qualified as the “first economic power in Europe” in comments but never the “country in Europe with the oldest population”. The size of the German economy is an indisputable statistical fact, but it is not the result of its economic achievements. It is the mechanical consequence of the German unification which 25th birthday we are celebrating this year. And this historical change has not facilitated economic growth since, to ...

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When the FED procrastinates

Why put off something to the next day when you can do it the day after the next day, said, with humor, Mark Twain. This joke sums up perfectly the non-decision by the FED regarding interests rates in the U.S. Explanations are not convincing. China has a broad back. An interest rate increase in the U.S, regarded until the meeting as sure, would have generated a rise of the dollar, followed by the Yuan since the two currencies were linked by a fixed parity. This is why Chinese authorities, indeed at the worst time, had decided to reform ...

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French reforms : time for evaluation

Two years ago, Jean Marc Ayrault, then Prime Minister, following the conclusions of the Gallois report relative to French corporate sector competitiveness, set up substantial fiscal incentives (CICE), which were confirmed by his successor, Manuel Vals through the “Pacte de responsabilité”. The reduction of labor costs generated by these fiscal incentives, was supposed to give employers enough financial margins to invest, create jobs and allow France to come back to a growth path strong enough to reverse unemployment curve.

Nobody can ignore that, until now, these objectives have not been reached, but it could be argued that, as structural reforms ...

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