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Archives May 2015

Europe : dix ans après

Le 29 mai 2005, les Français rejetaient à une large majorité le Traité constitutionnel européen que, pourtant, les « partis de gouvernement », c’est-à-dire le Parti socialiste, alors dans l’opposition, l’UMP et les centristes, avaient appelé à approuver. Cet anniversaire a donné lieu à de nombreux commentaires faisant le lien entre la montée en France du Front national et le succès, dans de nombreux pays, des partis « extrêmistes », dont la caractéristique commune, est le rejet de l’Europe telle qu’elle fonctionne aujourd’hui.

Pour ce qui est du Front national, il faut tout de ...

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Art and Innovation: the American example

Silicon Valley symbolizes boldness, innovation and the American accomplishment. What if the best museums on the East Coast (Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York) were also showing us the same success story in addition to the aesthetic emotions they provide? They tell us about the world, about the genius and weaknesses of France as much as they exhibit the audacity and passion for innovation of the American people.

How to explain differently the fact that a few museums or foundations own the most emblematic works of the greatest innovators, namely the Impressionists and those who followed them? At that time, our ...

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The "cowboyistan" and the US oil renaissance

Fossil fuels hold their head high in the United States. Europe just became aware of it. The discovery and the commissioning of shale gas deposits attracted much interest, because they represented a technological challenge, but they had no major impact outside of the US. The construction of LNG terminals has recently been authorized and will allow the United States to become exporters. But evolution is slow. Meanwhile, several consequences will result from the emergence of unconventional oil.

Three large deposits were discovered and put into operation in 2006: Eagleford in Texas, Permian between Texas and Arizona, and Bakken in North ...

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